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Workplace Coaching & Training

Promote Employee Development & Wellness

There are many aspects of performance that workplace coaching and training can address. Our services are designed to promote employee development and wellness in these areas:


  • communication
  • efficiency
  • leadership development
  • healthy team dynamics
  • clarifying goals & strategy
  • project management
  • presentation skills
  • self-awareness & impact on others
  • interpersonal skills & emotional intelligence
  • reduction of stress & overwhelm
  • managing workload
  • time management


We work within your budget to create customized trainings that address the specific needs of your organization. These can be partial or full-day sessions, or a series of lunchtime workshops. Our coaches are certified to offer many branded programs, including Best Year Yet!®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and The Leadership Challenge®, which can be incorporated into our trainings. We also offer one-on-one coaching for any individual in your organization. All of our work is confidential and we are committed to maintaining your privacy.



See Productivity & Engagement Rise

Our clients’ internal employee satisfaction surveys consistently cite our services as a highly valued benefit of employment. We often hear from clients that their work with us increases their ability to focus and accomplish tasks.



Customized For You

Our approach is never formulaic. We collaborate with each client to understand their needs and organizational culture, define outcomes, and create a customized experience. All of our trainings are results-driven and tailored to the participants.



Stimulate Insight & Creativity

The latest neuroscience findings support our belief that people learn best through active participation and an engaging, multi-sensory experience. We design our trainings to be interactive and fun in order to stimulate insight and creativity.



Designed for Maximum Effect

Have you ever attended a conference or training and, despite your best intentions, found it difficult to put your newfound skills and knowledge to work? Neuroscience research indicates that in order to apply new knowledge, we need to find the new information personally relevant and identify  practical ways to integrate it into our work practices. We design our trainings so that participants can easily identify the relevance of the material and walk away with a clear idea of what to do differently.


Contact us to explore training options that are compatible with your resources.