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Jennifer Turner-Davis

Jennifer Turner-DavisPrincipal & Lead Coach


Core Skills & Style

Jennifer Turner-Davis, PCC, OTR/L believes that positive, lasting change when people have a values-focused commitment to their goals. She is efficient in helping people identify their motivators and align their values and actions to achieve their visions of success. Jennifer uses a blend of neuroscience-based coaching, thoughtful listening, and joyful creativity to assist her clients to design a customized and dynamic plan for their team and/or individual development.


One client characterized Jennifer as a “quiet extrovert,” showing that beneath Jennifer’s quiet and pragmatic exterior there is a woman with keen insight and a rich sense of humor. Jennifer frequently sees the upside of situations by finding humor in life’s daily challenges. Clients describe Jennifer’s approach to coaching as effective, grounding, and insightful.


As a coach and facilitator, Jennifer is noted for her ability to genuinely connect with people and provide support as they optimize their interests and strengths.



Jennifer is an accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. She is also a licensed coach and facilitator for teams and individuals in the transformational program Best Year Yet!®. Jennifer is currently pursuing a Master of Science in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University (UK) in coordination with the Professional Development Foundation. Her research focus is on emotional regulation and stress-reduction.


Jennifer began coaching in 2004 when she transitioned from a 10-year career as a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist (OTR/L). Informed by her background in healthcare, Jennifer’s coaching emphasizes the importance of personal wellness and resilience. She has extensive experience helping people balance career growth with personal development and family life. Common topics of her workplace and private coaching include: managing increasing workloads, improving leadership & supervisory skills, addressing concerns about aging parents, finding work-life rhythm, living with mental health diagnoses, planning for retirement, caring for family members during illness or disability, and self-care for the caregiver.


Jennifer’s work spans global corporations to sole proprietorships, and encompasses teams and individuals. Jennifer’s clients often work in: Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Education, Athletics, and Hospitality.