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Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Claire Laughlin

claire-2_croppedConsultant & Trainer


Core Skills & Style

Claire Laughlin, MA is a dynamic and engaging trainer and consultant who uses experiential and innovative methods to help teams and organizations achieve results. With every client, she seeks to build individual leadership potential, teach positive communication habits, and enhance trust among and between team members.


As an independent consultant and trainer with 20 years of diverse experience, Claire brings a background in management, a relentless dedication to transformation, and a passion for improving relationships to all of her work.


With her master’s degree in Communication, Claire began her career as a college and university communication instructor. She soon found her niche as an organizational trainer and consultant. Claire is fully committed to working with clients as they cultivate practices aimed at making their organizations healthy and highly productive.


From leadership development, to communication essentials, to project management, Claire has designed and taught dozens of courses at over 60 organizations and at seven different colleges and universities in California.