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Best Year Yet! ®

Much More Than Simple Goal Setting

Best Year Yet!® is a 12-month program to attain your most productive and fulfilling year yet. Through this program, you will capture all of your priorities and goals in one comprehensive plan. This holistic view offers the opportunity to reallocate your time and energy to achieve progress in multiple areas of your life simultaneously. With our guidance you will decide where you want to do less, do more, or do things a little differently, and we will support you in actualizing these changes.


We offer the Best Year Yet!® program for individuals, groups of individuals within a workplace, or teams working together. Many organizations have included Best Year Yet!® as part of employee wellness and enrichment programs.


We will gladly help you decide whether Best Year Yet!® is a fit for you or your organization– just contact us.



How it Works

The Best Year Yet!® program is a year of collaboration and support. To begin, we guide you through the creation of a one-page annual plan that will serve as the foundation for the next 11 months of follow-through and action. This process includes defining your roles and responsibilities in order to take a holistic view of your life.


The annual plan is flexible, and we help you redefine and realign your goals as life changes throughout the year. Through monthly, one-hour meetings, we set goals for each month that align with your annual plan. As a Best Year Yet!® participant, you will have access to a web-based portal where you can view your plan and track your progress.


For more detailed information about how Best Year Yet!® works, see the official program website.



For Teams: A Unique Approach to Strategic Planning

The Best Year Yet!® Team Program is a dynamic and effective strategic planning and goal setting program that:


      • provides 11 months of ongoing facilitation and coaching to keep your team flexible & adaptable
      • clarifies goals & ensures follow-through
      • strengthens accountability & utilizes positive peer pressure
      • inspires buy-in & commitment
      • breaks through artificial harmony to address team successes & challenges
      • identifies team-defined guidelines to direct decision making
      • makes the team plan available to each member through a web-based portal


During monthly meetings with your team, we will facilitate the conversation to break through obstacles that have been restricting progress and limiting success. Since we are external to your organization, we are able to ask the necessary questions that have become taboo. Our approach counteracts the tendency to “agree and pretend”. We keep meetings productive and focused by preventing discussions from becoming derailed.



Team Program: How it Works

For workplace groups or teams there are three options. The first option is for each person to create an individual Best Year Yet!® plan with personalized goals. The second option is the basic Best Year Yet!® Team Program, in which a team identifies and works with shared goals. The third option is the premium Team Program, which combines a team plan with individual plans. All of these programs are appropriate for executive leadership teams, management teams, departments, non-profit boards, etc.


The Best Year Yet!® Team Program begins with a one- to two-day workshop, depending on the size of the team. Each of the following 11 months, one of our coaches facilitates a team meeting to clarify and advance the plan. The web-based portal allows for real-time recording and minimizes the need for post-meeting documentation.


Let us help you decide if the Best Year Yet!® Team Program is a good fit for your team.